How to configure a smart search

Log in to your account by clicking:

Register if necessary. (See "How to register")

Once you are logged in, configure your searches by filling the form:

Load, edit and save your searches by clicking:

You will find this link right above the search form.

If it's your first time using the interface, an empty table will appear.

Give a name to your search and click the save button:

Your search will now appear saved in the list:

To enable automatic searches and receive daily notifications via email, make sure the checkbox is enabled:

You can load results selecting a date from:

This menu will only be available once new search results have been generated, generally once a day.

Results will load in a table below the search form:

View results on the full page by clicking any of the highlighted words.

It is possible to load a previously saved search by using:

Searches can also be deleted at any time, just click on the delete button:

How to register

Click "Register" on the login page

Fill the registration form with your email address and click "Register":

You will then receive a registration email like this one, press "Confirmation" to activate your account:

Please check your spam folder if you don't receive any email after several minutes.

Select a password to use and press confirm: